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Speed: <250 Kbps


Speed: <250 Kbps

It appears i was upgraded to ADSL Max, on the 11/06/06. Through that day, i had readings above my normal, which had a top speed of 1294.6 Kbps.

My readings for that day are as follows:

11-06-2006 23:14:12 1018.4
11-06-2006 20:28:00 1294.6
11-06-2006 17:30:56 1269.7

Then, on the 12/06/06, i did a speed test around mid day, and it came to:
12-06-2006 13:41:16 1285.1

In the late afternoon on that same day, my internet dropped, so i turned off the router, and turned it back on, since then, my speed has not reached above 250 kbps.
13-06-2006 16:02:35 248.1
13-06-2006 14:45:58 244.3
13-06-2006 09:47:11 199.8
13-06-2006 09:19:20 244.9
13-06-2006 08:34:42 244.2
12-06-2006 22:54:09 244.3
12-06-2006 19:48:11 216.5
12-06-2006 18:05:07 234.7
12-06-2006 18:01:53 156.7

Since my internet dropped, Why have i been receiving speeds like this? I do alot of online gaming, and a connection like this makes it almost impossible to play without lag.

Anyone else have the same problem? Why can it connect at 1.25Mbps, and then all of a sudden drop so low.

I have tried rebooting my router on a number of occasions, but still have that same speed.

Speed: <250 Kbps

Yes, me too!

Everything OK Saturday, then since Sunday my download speed has varied between 96k and 128k. I have no idea if I am being upgraded or not, no communication!

I have had a "question" awaiting supports answer since Sunday evening.

All I want is my old download speed back! (240k ish)

Speed: <250 Kbps

you are lucky, i am sitting at 36k!!!!!!! and its getting slower every day.

Speed: <250 Kbps

I meant 240kb/s download, not 240kbps!

Speed: <250 Kbps

240 Kb/s download! Ive never had that...
I have <250 Kbps connection speed...

Speed: <250 Kbps

I used to get 1910kbps, on the PN speedtest, which is roughly 240kb/s.

Now get 127kbps, which is probably about 10kb/s.

Speed: <250 Kbps

same here, used to get ~1900kbps but since friday it's around ~150kbps. I just hopes it's the maxDSL and it'll stabilise at a high speed in a week or so. It's such a pain in the ass goin through the broadband speed checker just to get a question answered.