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Speed fluctuations


Speed fluctuations

I was upgraded to DSLMax a few months back, for which I was very grateful.
However, I experience large fluctuations in speed. I've gone through the broadband fault checker bit, and run the BT speedtest bit (it looks to me like a typo on the times when it should be run - 7pm?) which reported a similar speed to that reported by the PlusNet speed test - 1800 kbps. When I reverted back to Plusnet servers and ran the speed test again, it gave me a tad over 3Mbps, and running it immediately again gave me 2.47Mbps.
The tests I've done over the last week can be seen below:

13-08-2006 13:15:45 2528.7
13-08-2006 13:10:24 3158.5
13-08-2006 12:56:44 2039.4
10-08-2006 18:18:24 4766.5
09-08-2006 22:56:07 1783.7
09-08-2006 22:45:28 1571.9
09-08-2006 22:45:04 1343.4
07-08-2006 20:19:59 894.5

These figures are generally above what BT deems acceptable, but why the massive fluctuation? A lot of people in my area use NTL, and the Broadband fault checker shows no contention problems.

Many thanks
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Speed fluctuations

You'll see lot of posts on here asking the same question, and the answer I'm afraid is that speed does vary according to many factors. The main one is probably how busy the various parts of the network are when you are doing your tests, so you would expect to be much slower in the evening when everyone has come home from work and is playing games, than at say 8 a.m. when there is only me on. Plusnet doesn't have enough capacity for all the people it has on to use their connection flat out at the same time, but then neither does the BT network, so when it's busy, you're going to be slow regardless.

I can get speeds of 4.5Mb plus early in the morning, but drop to less than 1Mb sometimes in the evening.
That's why Plusnet have placed the strict limits on what you can do at peak time.

Cable doesn't have the same problem - at least not to the same extent.

Speed fluctuations

Ok, thanks for the info Geoff.