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Speed & Latency issues on ptn-ag2

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Registered: 11-10-2007

Speed & Latency issues on ptn-ag2

Is any one else having Speed & Latency issues on ptn-ag2?
Since a month or two ago, peak time has slowed right down!
its fine one second and slow the next!

Try'ing to watch the new ideal and 2 pints on bbci! and every day without fail! from 4:30pm to 1am, its buffering every 2 seconds! then it will play 5 or 10 mins and then buffer every 2 seconds again! its impossable!

watched it this morning @ 5 without a problem! jus the time was a link:censored (early job + clocks went forward Sad )

for the last few months the local exchange was on amber then red on the VP status! which could of been the reason!

But it got fixed on the 23rd and its back to green! Yet im having problems = Plusnet!

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Re: Speed & Latency issues on ptn-ag2

I fouind myself on it for a while yesterday. It was a bit poorly, as was thn-ag1 .

A couple of the others were OK though. You just have to bounce around til you find a good one.

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