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Speed all over the shop / moan


Speed all over the shop / moan

This has been bugging me for nearly 3 weeks! and what with a regrade due soon i'm sure it'll only get worse :? it's flopping around from 35-135kb out of a normally stable max of 245kb, thanks mostly i'm sure to the Max upgrades going on, the VP's at my exchange have gone to hell and looks like at least another week before it'll change and by then BT will fubar my connection with a regrade to Max :roll:

Now heres the good news, It's bog all to do with Plusnet (for a change) so consider this a little show of support for +Net in the hope that things will get back to normal soon.

So some of you's out there take a break, relax after all it could be worse you could be with Wannadump Tongue yes it's frustrating but it's life! and theres folk about with connections way more troublesome.

PS Doesnt mean to say i agree with the moving goalposts/frequently changing T's&C's/dodgy info though, for +Net methinks their trying to be open bites them in arss quite often lately, well the support staff on here seem to! stuff doin their job!