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Speed Issues = Cynical Fix?


Speed Issues = Cynical Fix?

Hi all,

I was one of the customers/clients/mugs affected by the problem of line speed dropping below BT's acceptable rate.

Put in a ticket after mandatory hoop-jumping.

Voila! Speed now above BT's acceptable rate.

Acceptable rate being the same as before the 2MB upgrade. S'right, I'm back at 512k connection. From what was a 1Mb free upgrade, ( the line won't support the full 2Mb rate. So, what in BT's fantasy little world made them think that an 8Mb upgrade, after the kerfluffle the previous upgrade attempt caused, would work? At all? For everyone?)

Back to the point. I have to smile at the knowledge that a reported problem can so easily be fixed as to fall within the parameter range of, ''Its OK, by our T&C's, and we don't have to do nuffin, now. Your problem's fixed.) Or is it just me?

Oh, and I'm not knocking the free upgrade. I'm happy and grateful for it. I just wish, along with probably many others, the promised 2nd batch of manna had actually arrived and was just as tasty as we had been told it was, beforehand.