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Spare a thought..........

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Spare a thought..........

Spare a thought for the poor guys who have recently left this forum, joined PlusNet and moved to Sheffield !!
They couldn’t have guessed about the take-over and surely they didn’t realise that our service would get so bad.

The PN usenet service is unreliable – serious users have to go elsewhere, and after more than a week there is no plan for a fix.

The PN DNS servers are unreliable – more people are using “opendns”.

The PN Email service is unreliable – many are buying a domain name and using it for email; or perhaps using Gmail (or equivalent).

The PN Webspace is unreliable – hosting sites are reaping the benefit.

The PN Broadband Phone system is frequently broken – Skype must love it.

Home Phone – who would dare?

As for p2p – it’s been totally crippled. But sadly without any benefit to the people who don’t use it, in fact all web usage seems to have become strangely sluggish recently.

And using “Customer Service” has become a war of attrition – it just wears people down.

I realise that “When you’re up to your butt in alligators, it’s hard to remember that you were trying to drain the swamp”, but we need a reliable service here. Failures seem to be fixed with sticky plaster and there doesn’t appear to be a long term capacity plan.

I’ve been here a long time and I’ve tried to make myself immune to their failings as they have occurred. But it has cost me extra and I’m now looking at alternative ISPs. I’ll be planning to join the many leavers unless PlusNet come up with a sound technical plan to improve their performance very soon.
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Spare a thought..........

You missed off gaming ping times and FTP... and remote desktops and anything not on its correct port ... and ...

OK, is it really that bad or have we been reading the forums for too long? I haven't experienced any of the problems listed above, and any problems I have had have been slowly looked into by PN but I've expected them to take a while to resolve because they required more tehcnical people to look at them.

Maybe those that have gone over to the dark side should be invited here to tell us what it's like processing 100ds of stuping questions because most customers want an immediate response without having to read something for themselves before they clog the phone system thus blocking genuine queries.

Or maybe they can be honest and say yes they are snowed under, under staffed, and unable to cope on the technical side or the support side...


Spare a thought..........

I agree with everything you've said. Fortunetly I do not use my PN webspace or emails, so I can't comment on your problems...but gaming has been terrible for me, I can't play for no longer than 10 minutes without my connection being lost.
P2P, I'm amazed to say, really hasn't been too bad at all. Yes, it is bad during peak hours, but I dare not even go on Youtube or 'bandwidth heavy' websites during those hours because it will cause me to go over my allowance in no time.

But yes, at 1am last night, I downloaded 700mb in 25 minutes. It was very nice...Wink

My main annoyance is that i'm getting disconnected every 15 minutes, I did upgrade to maxdsl around 8 days ago, but still...something isn't right for it to still be going on.
My connection status averages around 200+ errors, and it can reach that in minutes, totally choking out my connection. could someone tell me why this is?

this is my speedtest from tonight...

But, and I hate to say this, it takes quite alot more than this to wind me up enough to migrate.
Plusnet support, even if a little ignorant and stubborn at times, aren't that bad. I've had some tickets with a response within 15 minutes.

And I find it impressive how, on occasion a member of staff will phone a customer stating they have a problem on the forums within 10 minutes. I've never seen that level of commitment with any ISP!

I remember phoning Bulldog support when my ex-girlfriend had billing problems, and 8 out of 10 times they would tell me they are 'transferring me to someone who can help', and then just hang up!

I remember an old dialup ISP, forgot the name of them now, possibly 'redhotant', where I got so annoyed at how bad they were, that I mentioned taking potential legal action against them on the forums...a day later I had a call from a member of staff announcing that they'd gotten their lawyers/soliciters involved and were happy to proceed!

So as a whole, Plusnet aren't THAT bad.
I admit, they do seem to be ignoring problems, and doing that doesn't make anything go away. It just makes it worse.
But to put it simply I just don't think they have the money to support their customer base and do what needs to be seems all that's in their power is to fiddle with the 'elocoyas'...and I think it's only a matter of time before the customer base gets moved to someone else, and things could get ALOT worse for us.

Spare a thought..........

I think the "poor guys" that joined Plusnet did so with their eyes wide open. Don't forget, they were both members of PUG and therefore had a far better insight into what was and is going on at Plusnet, than the average customer.

Also, the arrival of BT on the scene might just assure them of a better career path than, in terms of reputation and credibility alone, a rapidly declining Plusnet.