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Spammers - How do they do it?

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Spammers - How do they do it?

Getting so much spam now that I decided a few days back to black hole some of the addresses they use and I don't (e.g. I black hole wh@username....)

But, then I started getting whx@...., so black-holed those.

Then I got whxy@...!!!!

I do not want to blackhole everything but this is just getting rediculous.

How have others circumvented this?

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Spammers - How do they do it?

Simple, they spoof the sending address and either make up or go through a large database of names to get the name before the @ of your email address.

See the SPAM FAQs usertools tutorial.

If you are getting a lot of this then you will be wasting your time black-holing individual mailboxes. Just create named mailboxes for the email addresses you use plus a postmaster one then get the default mailbox black-holed by raising a ticket.
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Spammers - How do they do it?

To make collecting you mail easier if you use a number of different prefixes, create ONE mailbox, then create forwards for all of your other mailboxes to that one mailbox.

The new mail system (when it comes in) will make this easier by allowing a mailbox to have any number of aliases.
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Spammers - How do they do it?

I've got a load of blackhole addresses set up, not yet got to the point of blackholing the catch-all, but even then getting about 300 spams a day now. I'm sure it'd be double if I removed the blackholes.

Fortunately almost all my spam is picked by the PlusNet spam checker for the domain I have hosted on my account and my own mail server's catching most for my other domain.

Spammers - How do they do it?

Theres an easier solution.
Use hotmail or gmail for all you forum signups and other internet stuff and just use PN's email for friends/family/business.
Its what i do and have Zero spam.