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I have just looked at my mailbox and found the same spam as everyone else.

All the email was addressed to 'real' plusnet email addresses/aliases including an alias I deleted a very long time ago (and I'm not sure I ever used that one). No messages were sent to the postmaster or username addresses (which I don't use).

I am almost 100% certain that two of the addresses targeted have never used webmail.

I haven't had a chance to check whether all users got this spam, but I am very concerned since some are young children.

In all the years of being with PlusNet this is the first spam I have ever received and I am not very pleased to say the least. I am _so_ careful, paranoid almost - I use an email aliasing service with all but my most trusted friends.

I notice that my broadband product does not even have a spam filter too!
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Plusnet Staff
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With regards to the SPAM issue, it would be appreciated if this can be kept in the ongoing thread to avoid duplicate questions being spread around multiple posts.

I notice that my broadband product does not even have a spam filter too!

This should be under the email settings section of the member centre, I've checked your account and everything appears to be in place.
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Can we keep discussion of this topic to one thread please.

Ongoing thread can be found here