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Spam,spam,spam,spam & spam.


Spam,spam,spam,spam & spam.

Suddenly, my mailbox is getting hit with tremendous numbers of spam messages. The vast preponderance of these unwanted messages are Mailer-Daemon 'mail delivery failures' or 'undeliverable mail', 'bulk email filter blocked your message', etc. The messages seem to emanate from my mailbox, but the usernames are gibberish. How come?

I don't use Outlook Express, but Outlook 2003,I have Norton Firewall and Antivirus/ Antispam up to date, I scan regularly for spyware with Ad-AwareSE.

I have set a rule to eliminate most of them by deleting them on receipt, but some end up in my Junk email folder and others in the Norton Antispam folder. Any ideas on how to make sure I get them deleted properly?

Thanks for suggestions.
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Spam,spam,spam,spam & spam.

Welcome to the wonderful world of "joe Jobs"

This is where a spammer forges the origin of his/her messages so that the 'bounces' go all over the place and don't obliterate or reveal the true source.

There has been a recent marked increase accross the internet.

If you are getting loads in your default mailbox (for addresses you don't use) the best thing to do is set up real mailboxes or forwards for the addresses that you do use, hope the spammers don't guess them too often, and ask for you default mailbox to be 'blackholed' so that the messages don't accumulate. You would not be able to use your default mailbox anymore though....