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Spam related Delivery Failure Messages


Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

I am now (from yesterday) getting lots of Delivery failure messages claiming to have been sent via

(my plusnet domain but very definately not one of my mailboxes).

Are these 'clever' spam messages or should i be worried that someone is spoofing my mailbox?

I am very careful about viruses and spyware so it is unlikely that i have a trojan of some sort....or is it?

I guess i am asking whether anyone else is seeing this and whether it is something to worry about or not...and whether it is a result of the recent spam incident, because it would be the final straw if so.

i just confirmed that pamshineux hasnt been added to my list of mailboxes by any dodgy russian hackers Smiley
but i am running a catch all
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Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

You'll have noticed how the spammers send emails to you from addresses that are made up...

They're now using one of your addresses to send the spams to other people.
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Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

It is a unfortunate side-effect of spam - I have been getting those to my domain before this incident, but that's because it was getting spam before then anyway.

However if the spammers didn't have your address previously and now have - then that'll be the cause.

Not nice to have mail coming back that you didn't send I know, but nothing I would worry about - just more shit to delete.
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Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

If they are sending using just that one address as the sender you are very lucky (usually they vary it).

In Manage My Mail just add a redirect for pamshineux to - problem sorted!
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Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

Yes, the spammers are trying to get round the filters by spoofing you to send spam to yourself. Very nasty :!:

I'm still going to run the most expensive malware scan I can afford (or can any knowledgeable forum guys advise on what to use?), just in case I'm getting spoofed by my own machine.

Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

Is unlikely that you are being spoofed by yourself, simply that spammers are using your domain as an alias to send their spam from. Never hurts to run a full scan for malware though.

In the longer term SPF will help prevent this (vote here) as the e-mail can be verified as legitimately coming from a domain.

Sadly, until this is widely implimented, all you can do is switch off your catchall mailbox.

Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

thanks for the quick response guys,
so just so i'm clear, these emails aren't coming from a plusnet machine i.e. they arent adding to my upload count - they are just somehow pretending to come from plusnet and because of this when antispam at the intended target rejects them, they are returned to plusnet (and me) rather than the real sender?

thanks again, you've made me feel a bit better
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Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

Yep, you have understood it.
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Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

Always best to play safe and run a full virus and spyware check just to be 100% certain but as others have said a spammer is using your address (with a random part before the @ symbol) as the from address so they don't have to deal with the bounces.

I get these it batches every now and again, had about 50 a couple of days ago and none since. Probably get another batch in a couple of weeks.

Spam related Delivery Failure Messages

well i just received 400 of them today which is nice!

had to disable catch all

if that doesnt do it then its zen internet instead