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Spam received during the last 2 days.


Spam received during the last 2 days.

Hi there everyone.

Just a note to say that I too received three spams yesterday which I deleted. Today (15.5.07) I have received 7 more. These I "bounced" back only to have them returned again so I have deleted them.

This is very unusual as over the course of the last four years I have received less than a dozen spams up until now. I am running an iMac computer with OS X 10.3.9 operating system and a Norton Internet Security firewall and am concerned that my security has apparently been compromised to the extent that this unwanted garbage is starting to arrive on a daily basis.

I note that Plus Net are treating this as a P1 event and will watch to see what happens during the course of the next few days.



Spam received during the last 2 days.

Please keep discussion of this issue to the ongoing thread here.


(I removed your duplicate post too)