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Spam - no "new challenges" or "new partners&q


Spam - no "new challenges" or "new partners&q

Is it just me, or is everyone receiving junk mail in quantity, from "Antique Bid S.A. xxxx" where 'xxxx' is some variable info?

The from name in these messages seems to vary, including "" and "" in the two messages received in the last ten minutes. I've already deleted the other 50+ that I received today, without checking all of 'em for the name/address combo.

Is there any way PN can introduce a mechanism to black-hole messages *from* a specified name, preferably with a wildcard option, as an alternative to black-holing by "to" address?



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Spam - no "new challenges" or "new partners&q


I've not seen any of these, although getting ever more spam every single day.

We can blackhole specific from addresses or just email from a specific domain name. You'll need to raise a ticket to do it, but just include the email addresses or domains and we'll set the blackhole up for you.