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Spam filter deteriorating


Spam filter deteriorating

When f9 upgraded their spam filter about 6 months ago it was reliable and a huge step forward.

What has happened to the system in the last month or two? Order confirmations from PC World direct to me are being classed as spam as are other emails that never used to be a problem, yet i am getting more emails thru trying to sell me medication.

Can someone let me know why the system is heading to the wall again?


Replying Ivan

Hi chris,

I very much doubte that the spam filter has changed much if at all recently. However the problem with spam in the wider sense is that spammers will target both a specific user they have an email address on.

How? sadly if your email address is added to some sort of list, or if your email address is explosed to the internet such as being visable on a website of some sort. Or gathered by a mailbot that will trawel the web for email address's.

Spammers will also use a random or scatter gun approach to spam people such as me. My name starts with "i" and so any name that or etc you get my drift. My guess is that certain spammers send out a sort of hurricane of spam, a veritable derth of spam. This is especially true of the illiegal drugs spammers and from time to time we all get literally bombarded by such junk mails. Yes! the spam filter will catch most but perhaps new ones might be worded slightly differently and so sneak through.

**Mail such as the PC world emails might have been caute if they had attachments with them such as an invoice or receipt etc.

**On top of the spam filter & anti virus filter I also use a program called Mailwasher Pro and this allows you to delete any spam or junk directly off the server BEFORE you ever download it. or also


Spam filter deteriorating

cyteck - I know what spam is and so do you. You are trying to confuse the non-techy folks with your explanation as to why they are receiving spam and place the blame on them.

Since you know all about this with your in-depth contact with f9.

1. Why did the spam-filter that f9 had in place where a customer could forward spam back to f9 to be blocked in future get withdrawn?

2. Why is the spam filter that is now in place now not blocking spam like the old system used to? If I can block them using open source solutions,, why cant a multi-million £ companyHuh?Huh
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Spam filter deteriorating

I agree that an increasing amount of Spam is getting to my machine. There is an upper limit (zero) to the number of watches I wish to buy!

I, too, am puzzled about why the older (and apparently better) anti-spam system was changed. It seemed to make sense that you could forward any spam messages for it to learn from.

Cheers, Mike.