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Spam and plusnet


Spam and plusnet

While trying to solve my speed problem I've been reading a lot of comments where people apportion blame for their spam directly with PlusNet.

For those who are moaning:

Can I suggest that Plusnet have never sent you a single spam message, nor did plusnet harvest or sell your email address.

If you have not received spam before now then you should consider yourself extremely lucky. I would suggest you are naive in thinking that spam is not a normal feature of the current internet, or in suggesting that plusnet are directly responsible for sending you spam.

The blame should rest soley with those sending the spam.

I've followed this story on various technology news sites, and decided to use plusnet as my ISP because of it.

The reason is, I work in the industry and almost all service providers hide and cover up bad news; blame the users; or provide no help.

Plusnet have been extremely open about this issue and advised all their users on best pratice.

If you have not received spam before, then I agree you must be extremely shocked at the normal contents of spam.

Even if you carefully guarded your email address from spammers that is not garauntee that they wouldn't find you: via someone elses address book; by sending to random e-mail addresses; by harvesting a forwarded e-mail which was posted on a forum; by compromising a secure list held by a software supplier you use, or a website which you sign into; through a virus infection; etc.

There is an unlimited number of ways in which your email address can be discovered. It is entirely reasonable to expect that one day you will start receiving spam - despite your own best intentions.

It seems to me to be extremely unreasonable to apportion all the blame with plusnet.

(This isn't a troll, but please don't feed it anyway)