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Spam & Gmail Redirection


Spam & Gmail Redirection

I'm getting mightily bored with deleting [SPAM] email at up to 200 per day. I'm using Mail Magic with Outlook set to work in offline mode, to pseudo-filter the spam and reduce the downloads to my own network therefore.

I have several addresses that all effectively redirect to my PlusNet mailbox.

I'm wondering whether there's a relatively simple way to use GMail to initially receive all email, filter the spam completely and then forward the remaining email straight to Plusnet for me to collect through Outlook.

What I don't want to do is to change my receiving address, which appears to me to be the only way to work this. I'm trying to figure out whether I can have my Plusnet email box redirect everything to Gmail, which would filter and return the non-spam stuff back to me. However, I think I'd be setting up an infinite loop, where PN forwards to Gmail, who forwards to PN, who forwards to Gmail etc etc.

Am I misunderstanding something or is this sort of mechanism possible at all?


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Spam & Gmail Redirection

I think that should be possible. What you would need to do is to create a mailbox on Plusnet specifically to receive the filtered mail from Gmail and make Gmail forward to that specific mailbox. All of your other prefixes you use would need to be forwarded to Gmail.

The problem I see is the catchall ( which wouldn't be forwarded to Gmail - could you safely have that black holed?
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Spam & Gmail Redirection


There's probably an easier way to do this.

I need to know what email addresses you use though. Are you using an external domain, or are you using your addresses.

If you are using an external domain then I do not see why you would need to filter anything to your Plusnet mailboxes. You could just forward mail addressed to your domain to gmail and then set up your mail client to download your gmail email using POP3. All you'd need to ensure is that you have your email address in your mail client properties set to that of your domain. This way the fact you were using gmail would be transparent.

Not exactly the same thing but here's an excerpt from a post I made a while back where I explain how to use Gmail to allow secure sending of plusnet email from a non-plusnet connection...


One very convoluted way to allow sending of Plusnet email from any location would be as follows:-

Sign up for a GMail account (GB's of storage so no real issues there).

Using the instructions here, add your Plusnet email as a valid from address.

Enable POP forwarding in gmails settings and set up your mail client to send and receive email using this account. Make sure your from address is your Plusnet/Domain address.

Setup a redirect here to redirect all your Plusnet email to the new GMail address.

This should allow you to send and receive from any location with the impression that this is being done using your Plusnet account.

Kind Rgds,

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Spam & Gmail Redirection

Bob, thanks for that. I believe I'm using external domains, if I understand the terminology correctly. My domains are hosted at and I have set the three domains I have to forward my email to Google. In addition, I've set the Google mail to forward to

I'm hoping I've done that correctly, but on past performance, it's going to take no more than 10 minutes to find out Smiley

If I have any further concerns, I'll post again - if it's quiet, I'm good.



Spam & Gmail Redirection

Um, I'm back Smiley

I'm still getting junk to - I've not used that since registering my own domain, maybe four years ago so that might just be an old mailing list somewhere.

Otherwise, it seems quiet --- perhaps too quiet --- I'm going to phone a friend and ask for a test message.

If Google does see something it considers to be spam, does it get junked completely, automatically and immediately or does it always go into the SPAM folder @ google? I'm used to getting between 10 and 20 per hour from PN marked [SPAM] - I've seen nothing in the past hour since switching this all on, so either it's working or everything is getting trashed somewhere along the line Smiley

Spam & Gmail Redirection

Bob, I'm about to PM you.