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Spam Redirection Question


Spam Redirection Question

I have the Spam filter setup on my account. Spam mails come through with a [SPAM] prefix in the title. I notice that when I go into webmail, that there is a preset folder called SPAM. How do I get all [SPAM] mails to route straight to that folder rather than going to the inbox.

I know that in Outlook you can easily set a rule to do this. However, how can it be done in webmail. I would rather the mails redirect in webmail than download to my local Outllok client. I can't see any options in webmail to do this, which seems a bit crazy.
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Spam Redirection Question

The SPAM folder in webmail is not used and I'm not sure why it's there. Unless PlusNet intend to integrate webmail into the spam filter systems and automatcally put marked spam in the folder, but I'm not aware of any developments to do this.

The Drafts folder is the same. You can save drafts in there but it's impossible to send saved emails or move it to another folder.
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Spam Redirection Question

Hi there,

If you are logged in to the advanced login using IMAP then you can right click on a message and select "mark as SPAM" which will move it into the Spam folder.

You can also set up a message rule by going into "Tools" and then "Email Rules". Just filter on subject and enter -SPAM- and it will then automatically moved marked messages into the folder (only when you log into webmail however, not when they are received)