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Spam Protection


Spam Protection

I'm new to PlusNet and have activated the medium level of spam protection but I still seem to get as much as ever particularly the V1agra variety - any tips on how I get get rid of this plague - I've got the rules set up on Outlook to pick up the key words eg dating, erection etc but it still gets through. Is this because the mails are in HTML ? Any advice appreciated

Spam approach replying Ivan


No! I think the reason you will continue to receive such email is because if you look carefully each email address, title & from field will contain ever so small variations on a theme i.e. from viagra one day to vi_agra the next to V_iagra the next etc etc. This is the normal spammers trick, they use a scatter gun appraoch and by the sheer scale of numbers they send out even if only 1% ot even 0.5% get through thats still thousands of users.

Frankly, I have tried the rules based approach in outlook & outlook express but both are NOT helpful and I concluded this was a waste of time & effort as the mail still arrived into my machine.

Now I use a multi layered appraoach with the spam service at the top level i.e.out on the web at server level. and I use mailwasher pro on my machine at local level. Mailwasher can filter, identify to a very very high level what is legit & what is junk you can then decide which you want & which to bin BUT you can do this ON THE MAIL SERVER itself, thats the BIG advantage. The spam service will TAG junk as [SPAM] and mailwasher will pick this SPAM TAG up immediately so you can delete them, you can even auto-delete anything that is tagged as spam so you never even receive it but do be abit careful as it could also delete a legit mail too, its a small risk but still a real risk.

Best Regards Ivan
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Spam Protection

Thanks Ivan - I've tried varying the viagra spelling v1aga etc but thanks for the tips - I'll have a look at this Mailwasher