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Something to monitor Data Transfer ?


Something to monitor Data Transfer ?

I'm looking for something to log my external data transfer (the internet in other words) which completely ignores LAN (i transfer massive amounts of data on lan). I used DU Meter a long time ago and it was really superb, except it has the huge drawback that you can only select whether to use 'dial-up', 'lan devices' or 'all'; no options to ignore certain ip's meaning that with a router it becomes useless.

I use mrtg for monitoring traffic, and thought maybe it could be used to monitor transfer too, though, it would be far from ideal and the graphs wouldn't be as easily comparable as exporting an xls from dumeter.

If anyone knows any good alternatives for monitoring data transfer purely to the internet and ignoring all LAN please let me know ! Or if there is any way to... modify or 'trick' du meter that would be great. I was thinking maybe it's possible to create a 'virtual/fake' dial-up device that is just redirected to the router or something.

I appreciate any help, thanks.


if your router supports snmp you should be able to get byte counts from the atm interface.
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Something to monitor Data Transfer ?

This might be of some use?
"A free network (Internet / intranet) traffic (download / upload) monitor."
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Something to monitor Data Transfer ?

TYhat only monitors lan traffic, just like any other apps you run on your PC.

The only option you have is if your router supports SNMP traffic monitoring or you put your own firewall based device between all your PCs and the router to monitor the traffic to/from it

There are many linux based solutions which have traffic monitoring software. smoothwall is one such product.
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Something to monitor Data Transfer ?

try the free offering from

I used it the other month to show that the amount the Plus Net tools report is consistenly higher than actual usage.
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Something to monitor Data Transfer ?

The problem with anything PC based is that it doesn't count the data that is stopped by the router for whatever reason. That may be dos attacks or late dns replies or p2p connections after you have quitted the p2p app or even turned off your computer.