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Someone explain everything!


Someone explain everything!


I've just got back from Uni couple of days ago, and found that while downloading off Usenet that speeds were awful, like 3-4k a sec awful.

On a hunt for trouble-shooting solutions on this forum, it turns out, apparently, theres been some kind of speed cap introduced, (thank you for informing me PlusNet?). Having read around it, it doesn't really make sense.

Supposedly, outside of offpeak (which isn't clearly defined, so I'll assume its midnight - 8am, please correct me otherwise) I will be limited to Bronze level, which is up to 256kb/s. So roughly speaking, that would clock in about 30k a sec at worst? (I used to be on 512k and could download from my Usenet server, at about 70kb/s, I'm now on 2mb, and can now hit 220kb/s give or take). So, firstly, why am I only getting 3-4k a sec, if that?

Secondly, the time is currently, according to my clock, 00:43, so that'd make it offpeak. So I should be completly unblocked, yup? So why for the last 30 minutes have I been lucky to hit 100k, and why do speed graphs have valley mountain valley mountain and look like a ski resort? I should be hitting at least 200 and flat-lining, like I did before my usage cap from what I understand from the Vision statement.

If anyone could make sense of this, or better yet a PlusNet person explain the speeds and (no offence...) why the hell I was not emailed about it? At least in Apr (the 9th - bless gmail!) there was a detailed email explaining everything perfeclty about usage caps, even if it didn't come into effect. To have to find out about what I considerable changes to my account accidently because I was looking for possible maintenance or server problem information is a little inconsiderate.


Thanks for any returns Smiley

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Someone explain everything!

atm your best bet is to look at the usergroup article here:

I suspect I could explain it; but I'm tired and Kitz has done a good job there!