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Some help please


Some help please

i've been a PlusNet customer for a couple of montns now and everything has been fine.

When i first joined i was connected at 500kb/s but after an email it was booted to 1meg in only a couple of days which was fantastic.

Now it seems things are not going so well. I'm desperatly trying to get upgraded to 2meg but it seems you are having issues. The first time you regraded me to MAXdsl which i specifically said i didn't want. So after a few days you gave me a new regrade date of 24/07/06.

its now a couple of days later and i have still not recieved the connection i've been promised for about a month, and am recieve connectino of 500kb/s once again.

If someone could please shed some light on what is going and why i have not yet recieved my 2MB connection i would be gratefull.