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So, you want to revolutionize the internet?

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Registered: 03-10-2007

So, you want to revolutionize the internet?

So, you want to revolutionize the internet? I thought so. So what do you think about “Build Your Own Broadband" (BYOB). If you’re wondering what I mean then listen up! Wouldn’t it be great if you could strip away the extensions to your service? By this I mean getting the option to choose what you want and only what you want.

For me this would be:
• 8mbps download speed
• 832kbps upload speed
• 25GB Peak Time Download Cap (Quota Incremental in GBs)
• 25GB Off-Peak Download Cap (Quota Incremental in GBs)
• Premium Telephone Support
• 20:1 BT Contention
• 10:1 F9 Contention

• That this has no E-mail hosting as I have the resources to host my own MS Exchange server
• That this has no domain or web hosting (I can do it myself)
• That this has no Plus Talk
• This has no AV or Spam protection as I have a Surf Control appliance for this and distributed AV protection.
• No Net-Announce
• No website builder (I would rather develop my own 2.0 Web Sites)

This would be a first and could drive customers to your service and i would quite happily display a banner on my site about this (unlike the previous banners). This could save you and the consumer time and money and would provide a rich and personalized service.

Please tell me what you think and whether it is viable.

Many thanks,
James Barlow - A.K.A the 15 year old wiz kid Wink