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So far so good.


So far so good.

Hi, i recently posted a topic about my internet going down, you can find it here .

In the topic you will see i was asked to change the filters around, as i've got an extension line across the room. Now, i've got the filter that was in the 'Master Socket' and replaced it with the one in the 'Extension Socket', and i've left the 'Master Socket' without any filter so there is no phone connection.

Well, so far so good. I have not noticed a disconnect today. Tomorow, i will put the other filter back in the 'Master Socket' and see if anything is to happen with the phone. If so, then it is obviously the filter causing problems.

If not then, well, i don't know. A few things i've been asked to do i've been unable to do, so . . then i shall raise a ticket. That is a point, can someone tell me how to as i don't know, lol.
We have had problems with our phone line before, and we was told that BroadBand would sort it. ( Waiting 3 years for BroadBand Shocked )

But, it could be anything, so far, it seems like the filter.

[Moderator's note by Mark (pcsni): Fixed link for you]

So far so good.

then i shall raise a ticket........ can someone tell me how

To raise a ticket, click "help" at the top of any page and then "contact us" from the link on the left.

Follow the wizard pertaining to your problem.

So far so good.

Oh no. Just as i thought everything was going fine. I was playing Counter-Strike 1.6 and it just stopped, and i looked at router, the DSL light was off. Then the Internet light went off, then the dsl light flashed a few times, came back on and internet on again.

I really thought it was running ok! Anything else you suggest before raising ticket?

So far so good.

Hi guys, my connection keeps dropping + i posted a ticket with customer services, they replyed with a list of possible checks for your connection. Here it is:
1. Does the loss of connection occur only at certain times of the day or is it continuous? If only at certain times, please state when.

2. How long has the problem been occurring for and when did it start?

3. What are you doing at the time of the fault - e.g. downloading large files, or does it only drop when idle?

4. When you lose connection is sync lost on the modem/router - i.e. does the ADSL link light start flashing or does it remain solid green?

5. Do you have any other equipment on the line that may affect service, such as a fax machine and is the PSTN (voice) service OK?

6. Please connect your modem/router to the master socket, leaving all other equipment disconnected and see if the problem still happens.

7. Has another modem/router been tested on your line, or have you tested your modem/router on a line known to be working?

8. Has the micro filter being changed to prove if it is a problem?

9. Are you on a particular website when the connection drops?

10. Is the session actually disconnecting (requiring you to login again), or is it degrading to almost nothing (session stays up, but hardly usable)?

11. Can you reconnect again straight away, or do you have to reboot?

12. Do you use any other protocols and applications other than Web-browser, email and FTP?

13. Do you get an error code when you log on again?

14. Have filters been added to all used points?

15. Is there an alarm system on the property which utilises the phone line?

16. Have you anything else connected to your PC besides the modem/router?

They then reply with something like this:

The first thing you need to do is go around your premises, unplug all telephony equipment (including sky boxes or anything which uses the phone line). Once everything is unplugged from your line take your ADSL equipment directly to your BT master socket and try to connect using only your ADSL Modem/Router and a standard ADSL Microfilter.

If the problem is solved :

If the issue stops after trying the above. Something will have been causing the issue at your end. One by one plug everything back in ensuring filters are attached to the end of every extension or phone socket (dont double filter as this will cause intermittent / loss of sync). Please note if the fault is with equipment/extensions at your end it is your responsibility to solve the problem.

If the problem still exists :

If you still have an issue with your connection and your equipment is plugged directly into the BT master socket. Try changing the microfilter and modem (if possible) also check for any sources of RF interference (especially if the fault seems to happen when it gets dark or if a certain electrical devices are on at the time of the fault).

On the software side check to make sure all firmware is upto date and you are running the latest version of drivers for your modem. Go and research your hardware, A lot of equipment on the market can actually cause intermittent sync and you may find a fix for it.

If after trying all of the above and you are at a loss we can escalate this to BT however we need to advise that if BT find no fault you may be charged £45.00 + VAT

Ive only just managed to 'borrow' a modem off someone and so far it seems good. but try different things.

Good luck

So far so good.

Well, some of the stuff i can't try. But, i will see what i can do. I have been posting the problem on the forums, and i really don't want to re-do everything i've done.