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So Where is it !!


So Where is it !!

Have been with PN on premier since 2003, my exchange has been enabled for ages. So why am I still on 2mb and there are lots of people I see in the forums who have been upgraded to Maxdsl who only joined in 2005 !!
And whats this about q jumping, surely first in gets the upgrade, well obviously not. Well I will sit back and see what happens it seems obvious to me that most of the problems are down to BT anyway.
A friend of mine has just moved over to the states to work, he is on 24Mb.
We should be so lucky !!
But like most brits will only put up with it for so long. Plus Net beware. !!

:? :x

So Where is it !!

Theres lots of people up and down the country on 24Mb. It's only down to BT's s-l-o-w upgrading system that most people are limited to lower speeds.
They've even invented an unstable "MAX" product instead of leaping forward towards adsl2.
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Re: So Where is it !!

So why am I still on 2mb

You should be thankfull, if your connections stable, why would you want to be max'ed considering whats happening with the upgrade??

Look at all the posts in the forums concerning this botched upgrade, most can't get on at all and almost all of us are stuck at speeds lower than what we used to have with the 2mb product...