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So Slow

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Registered: 13-10-2007

So Slow

Ticket #13765446 opened 2004-09-25 02:38:28

Its now 2004-09-25 14:52 and still awaiting a reply.

Ticket Handling says

Ticket Progress
Closure of enquiries/problems 6 hours, 31 minutes and 27 seconds 8 hours
Time Target Time says 8 hours

mmmm i guess my ticket isn't an Average one as it been 12 hours plus since i posted it.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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So Slow


Unfortunately we can't always answer every ticket within our 8 hour target, some can take longer.
It will get looked at and it will get answered. We did do some emergency maintenance on the CGI platorm last night, which completed just before you raised the ticket. Have you checked everything since then?
Posts: 577
Registered: 13-10-2007

So Slow

Yes I have checked it numerous times. The last being just before writing this.

You say that there has been emergency maintenance to the cgi platform, I fail to see that this is an issue as according to the server stats page postings the emergency maintenance was finished 25/09/2004 @ 01:05. A good hour before I opened Ticket #13765446 2004-09-25 @ 02:38:28.

This is an ongoing issue, the fault is reoccurring on a random basis please see Ticket ID: 13683257 Raised by me Via Portal On: 2004-09-21 20:56:55. I was asked to open a new ticket if the fault reappeared.

Well it has and the fault is exactly the same. Its now 23 hours since I open the second ticket and I am still waiting for it to be read, allocated or replied to.

It says on your portal
Customer Support Centre
Force9 - Committed to offering superior Customer Support!!!

should that read
Force9 - Committed to offering superior Customer SupportHuh


26 hours and ticket still not answered. closed it myself after a lot of work finding a workround for this problem.

pnmscale command still not working so I have been forced to rewrite php code to use a commend that seems to work imagecopyresized

I hope this will not fail for no apparent reason after a week or so like the pnmscale commend did.

the tempnam("/tmp", "whatever"); command is playing up as well sometimes it returns a value sometimes not. so i have written my own routine to return a unique name.

I am not impressed with the level of service here. i have three domains with you and as and when they run out i will be considering housing them elsewhere.