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Slow speeds on premier?


Slow speeds on premier?

My speeds seem to be fluctuating a hell of a lot tonight, i am getting speeds often the equivalent of a 1meg connection. I am not a heavy user so i dont see what i should be suffering with these problems, whats going on?

I have had the connection from out on my twice today, which is not normal i gotta say. the speeds aren't negligible, i'd be ok if i was getting above 200k download but i aint.

Can someone tell me what the hell is going on, i aint for the love of god raising support ticket, then for you find theres nothing wrong and i get charged £55 quid.

17-08-2005 19:04:02 1862
17-08-2005 19:03:42 0
17-08-2005 19:03:32 1512.1
17-08-2005 19:03:09 1842.5
17-08-2005 18:50:41 1796.5
17-08-2005 18:50:08 1614.5
17-08-2005 18:49:47 0
17-08-2005 18:49:40 1506.5
17-08-2005 18:40:12 1247
17-08-2005 18:39:45 0
17-08-2005 18:39:37 1557.9

Those are the tests i have dont today, see how much it is fluctuating?

Now no one can suggest it is my equipment, i have checked all my things for faulty wiring and nothing so, i have even connected the router to the master socket and to no avail, anyone care to answer?


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Slow speeds on premier?

Hi there,

We will need you to run some tests before raising this through to BT. Please visit here for more info.

If these tests a slow between midnight and 7am then we can get this raised to BT. Otherwise it is likely to be a contention issue. It would also be worth checking your number at to see if there are any known issues there.

Slow speeds on premier?

Has my ticket been raised with BT yet? Haven't had a reply for 2 days!

Agree - crap download speeds

I agree - my download speeds are fluctuating and have been the last couple of days horrendously. I've got a 4mb premier connection and this is pants.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

20k download speed at mo!!!! CRAP!


Slow speeds on premier?

+Net need to open another pipe look at the Graff tonight max out.

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Slow speeds on premier?

Funny that at this time yesterday
Usenet downloads were 30kB/s, now it's 130kB/s
FTP yesterday 73kB/s now 232kB/s
P2P yesterday 75kB/s now 107kB/s

Do you think they have switched off the traffic shaping equipment

John H

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Slow speeds on premier?

Oh come on Plusnet. Sort this out.

Your current speed is:

Great for 2meg!!!!

Slow speeds on premier?

Have had the same issue for days, have done all the tests they have asked, cannot replicate the problem on the BT Checker yet they still saying I will have to get BT to check the exchange which I will get charged for if they find nothing which by all accounts they won't having eliminated them from the equation by doing the tests as asked. What gives as this is really starting to irk.