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Slow response from customer care

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Slow response from customer care

Hi there,

Apologies for the delay in getting this sorted for you, I've now updated your tickets if you'd like to take a look.

Slow response from customer care

I'm really struggling to get a response from customer care about the re-provisioning of my broadband access. I've had an open ticket or over 4 days, I made a phone call to care yesterday and was promised call back it hasn't happened yet. I made another call today and still no one has been able to answer my basic query, when will I get broadband service. I was just wondering if anyone else was expierencing slow/none response from the care team.

Yours a frustrated plusnet customer. Cry Cry
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Slow response from customer care

It may help to post up your ticket number Wink in this thread.

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Slow response from customer care

Gareth, don't hold your breath. I moved house on 1st June, my broadband wasn't available until 9th JULY!!! This was despite giving them almost 2 weeks notice that I was moving.

They continually laid the blame elsewhere, mostly at BT's door. Service was piss-poor all round.

They've "generously" refunded me £11.50 for the 6 weeks I had no broadband access, wich won't even cover the dial-up costs incurred. I alomost cried with gratitude. Or something.

The bottom line is, it'll be done when they can be link:censored gettting their finger out. Best of British mate!

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Update Ticket number 22190724

Hi Mand,

Many thanks for your reply to my ticket,although I'm a little confused, you say on your reply that my broadand will be live by:

Friday 20th July at 9:00am. This Question will remain open.

However when i look this up on tracker is states:

Your activation date
An engineer will activate your broadband on:
21st Jul 2007 - After 12pm

Why is this?

Also is it possible that you could tell me why it took so long to get a reply? My ticket wasn't updated and the 2 people i spoke to were unable to provide any answers?

I do look forward to be re-connected soon though.


Plusnet Staff
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Slow response from customer care

I don't know why it took so long, I'll have to have a look into it and see if there are any specific reasons or failings.

Regarding the dates, the way that the tracker works is that it always uses the day after the date that BT tell us the line should be activated for two reasons, the first is that the line could be activated at any point on that day (so could be ten to midnight or midday for example) and the second is to allow time for the automated systems to pass all the information through to say that the line has been activated.

Sometimes the line will become active early so it's worth checking early in the week (say Wedneday or Thursday), but I'd expect it to be active by Friday evening.
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Slow response from customer care

I'm going through the same experience - moving both Home Phone and Broadband. The PN moving house tool says "3-10 working days" for a Home Phone change but I was given 13 - 14, and that was after phoning support. After I complained in a ticket that was reduced to 9 working days, but I have yet to see whether that will be met.