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Slow Download Speeds


Slow Download Speeds

Hey Guys

I am on the 2MB Premier Broadband account, and my average speed is 1.6/1.7 but recently been getting 1.9. But I have noticed that on BitTorrent and Limewire when I am downloading I am only getting a download speeds of 40KB/s maximum. Does anyone know what may be causing this.

I am using a Belkin router. Someone suggested adjusting the MTU ratings?? Anyone got any reccomended numbers, I have been given 1430 & 1478. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.



Slow Download Speeds

Mate you need to read all the other threads about p2p throttling in this forum.

Re: Slow Download Speeds

All I am looking for is a reccomended MTU number please. I take it you all have problems with slow downloading speeds??

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Slow Download Speeds

Start by reading this:

Of relevance to you is the bit about the queues, P2P is in the bronze queue.
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Slow Download Speeds

If you want to tweak your mtu, check out Kitz's guide on how to do it.
It will tell you all you need to know.

However, this will not make a scrap of difference to your P2P speeds which are being hammered, like everyone else's, by Plusnet's throttling policy.