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Slow Connection


Slow Connection

My connection is suffering really bad, Plus.Net Premier account. Pings are everywhere. Streaming media is rebuffering every few seconds. Web pages are slow loading. Mozila Firefox 2 RC1 downloads at less than 10kbs (different mirrors tested). And this has been tested from 2 PCs (no torrents running etc.. -clean) so its not a software issue (isolated from router one at time). Router is syncing properly, phone line removed, differnet microfilters tried. router reset, diagnostics performed etc...

Now it seems that Im connecting to router pte-ag2 first, i.e. the overloaded router. I have disconnected dozens of times but I still get this crap router. seem to have been aware of this problem cropping up on the gaming thread but now it looks like the full capacity issue is effecting normal users.

I'm about to jump ship if these problem continue to go unaddressed and unacknowledged, and I certainly wont be returning the activation fee.. This isnt what I purchased. It is a shame that I have to vent here and endure the usual pro Plus Net crap but like other people have experienced Plus.Net arent exactly very reachable.