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Slow Connection over the weekend


Slow Connection over the weekend

Just a comment about my struggle to contact plusnet on Sunday afternoon. About 2pm my connection started to drop out, sometimes it would be out for just a minute and other times it lasted for 20 minutes. When connected it was a slow or slower than dial up. This lasted for 6 hours.

When connected I tried to use help to check my connection. The most appropriate choice in help seemed to be the wizard but I couldn't get very far.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that I found it hard going trying to find out, using help what was going on, and I am still in the dark.

Anyone any ideas as to how I should have gone about finding out if there was a fault on the line or a major outage?

Also as someone who has just moved from BT Yahoo Braodband 512 kbits 50:1 contention ratio to Plusnet still 512 kbits (waiting upgrade) 20:1 contention ratio - Plusnet feels slower although the speed tests say it aint - just my 2 pence worth

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Slow Connection over the weekend

There was a BT Major Service Outage over the weekend which slowed things down a fair bit. I think that was Saturday afternoon though.