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Slooooow email


Slooooow email

Experiencing very slow email today. Any reason or am I just being picked on ?

[Moderators note (by Thomas): Post moved, as it had nothing to do with broadband whatsoever.]

You mean the 4 minute delay?

If you're talking about POP3 mail and the fact that it takes at least 4 minutes to become available from download once it's finished traversing PlusNet's servers then it's been ongoing for weeks. Of course it's not a 'fault' as such so it's not being advertised at all, but apparently the data storage work that's ongoing will fix it by the end of last month.

They did helpfully suggest using IMAP to pull the mail down which doesn't appear to be suffering the same problem (after basically accusing me of lying because the problem didn't exist, but I digress) which is all well and good unless you're using Outlook which expects an Exchange server or a POP3 server.

I've moved my mail back to my old ISP for the time being. Short of building myself a new SMTP server it's proved the simplest solution for the time being. I still live in hope...