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Slightly complicated question


Slightly complicated question

Hi, I'll put it in numbered form:

1) My friend is using Claranet Broadband500 at present.

2) She will be moving house soon but is keeping the same phone no. at the same exchange.

3) She wants to change to Plusnet Broadband Plus in her new house.

How should she go about this please (with as little time as possible before receiving Plusnet at her new house)?

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Slightly complicated question

She will be able to keep her new number but depending on where shes moving to might not be able to stay on the same exchange

She will need to cancel her Claranet package when moving house and she will have to wait for BT to activate the new line before she can order PN Broadband, since BT rarely do things on time she might not have her new line ready whenshe moves in, possibly a couple of days wait then when she signs up to PN she will have up to 10days for BT to activate her line, I don't think it would be possible for her to sign up before she moves due to the way BT works for Broadband ordering

Slightly complicated question

I know it was mentioned above,

But I thought I would highlight the canceling the Claranet Broadband bit. It has been mentioned in the past that people have had difficulty getting broadband due to still having a marker against the number ( this be an active broadband service on an old line or a pending cancellation ).

BT are capable of turning your phone line on around the same day as you move in ( they were good enough with me on 3 occassions out of 3 ). The only bit that could stand in the way is the broadband marker ( if indeed this is true ).

Like I said up top I am merely voicing what I have seen written before and cannot talk from personal experience.

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Slightly complicated question

Firstly, you can only take your number with you if you are moving to the same exchange.

Secondly, it takes longer to process a standard order if you take your number with you whilst BT's systems update internally.

You may be able to attempt a simultaneous provide with Plusnet which is where your line and broadband is enabled at the same time, but I'm not sure if this only applies if you're staying with the same provider.