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Skype performance on BB Plus?


Skype performance on BB Plus?

Hello all,

Was wondering what people's experiences of pc-to-pc Skype calls have been since it was placed into the lower priority band than PlusTalk?

I'm thinking of buying so audio kit for use with Skype, but wasn't sure whether the traffic-shaping will make it unuseable.

Anyone know what the average data load for Skype is during a normal voice conversation (ie. not file transfers or video)?

Thanks loads,

Rob S.
Cambridge, UK
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Registered: 02-10-2007

Skype performance on BB Plus?

Skype should work perfectly well on the Plus package, unless youre placed on the management profile at which time you might see a few issues during peak time. Though someone who's made use of it would be best to talk about call quality.

As for data usage, VoIP in general uses about 80mb of bandwidth an hour, though it does depend on the codec that you're using.