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Should I reboot my router?


Should I reboot my router?

I've been synching at 8128/448 for two days now without losing synch or rebooting my router, however my Plus Net Stable rate still reads as 2000kbps, should I start rebooting my router or will that cause interleaving to be enabled?


Should I reboot my router?

you should reboot it at LEAST once a day mate
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Should I reboot my router?


in my experience, after the initial 10 day from regrade, I disconnected for about 1 hour each day, and then after 3 consecutive days where my router was consistently connected at a higher speed, days started to sort themselves out.

Note if at any time you connect at a lower speed (even in seems only for a few minutes) , then this seems to drop you back down again, and you have to start the three day process again.



Should I reboot my router?

it's worth a try I guess - i've read somewhere that somehow if you can cause it to re-synch slightly lower (say 5/6/7Mbps) then this somehow kicks the proper stable rate into action (albeit lower than the top whack of 7.15Mbps). Dont do it too much though (I've read figures of 10 resyncs in a 24 hour period can cause it to turn on interleaving / raise the target SNR).

I can only sync at about 2.5Mbps so have not been getting these issues, but I would assume that was it not for the problem BT have with the automatic BRAS profiling, then I'd leave it switched on and syncd. It should sort itself out eventually, even if it takes a lot more than 3 days :?