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Should I go, should I stay?


Should I go, should I stay?

Over the past 6 months, I have been told regularly that my line would be upgraded to 2M. As yet this hasn't happened.

I appreciate that this may not be PlusNets fault, but I am their customer and I deserve clarity. It cannot be difficult for BT and Plusnet to meet and agree a schedule for upgrades, and notify their customers.

So, I have just been notified that Wanadoo are LLU enabling my local exchange (Almondsbury) in March 2006 for 8M(ADSL 2+ ?). I know I'll not get 8M, but perhaps 4M.

At last I have an alternative! So Plusnet you are being warned, provide me with a better service or I'm off. You have six months!
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Should I go, should I stay?

You may not be aware of this but we have recently partnered with EasyNet in order to supply LLU products to our customer base where available.

This has only happened very recently so we haven't yet got full details on which areas will be getting it and when, but it may well be worth you staying with us a bit longer to see how it pans out.
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Should I go, should I stay?

swindsor, Does your ADSL equipment show line stats? If so post them and we may be able to tell you if you can get 2Mbs or higher speeds. If yu are not sure, post what equipment you use and we can probably tell you if it does or not.

If you can't get 2Mbs under BT the chances of getting 4Mbs under LLU will be slim.

Signal stats


I am at work but I think the stats where attenuation 42/25 and signal 23/23