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Shocking speeds for over a week now.....


Shocking speeds for over a week now.....

01-07-2006 14:52:13 2286.1
01-07-2006 14:51:50 2419.9
01-07-2006 14:51:30 2321
30-06-2006 23:52:01 2340.6
30-06-2006 23:51:42 2438.6

Consistantly awful.... the only thing that has changed, is that I have moved back to BT from talktalk, and now have a new phone number... but I dont see why this would affect my speed......

I used to get almost 6mb, but now struggle with even getting half that....

Shocking speeds for over a week now.....

Mine's been pretty awful for about a month now - I've not bothered contacting PN because they're not too good at sorting out 'concrete' problems (like "I have no connection"), so a 'soft' problem like slow speeds would probably not be resolved at all.

I'm still on 512K and I'm struggling to get much better than dial-up speed (my 3g data card gives better performance!).

Maybe they're trying out some new kind of traffic shaping? Though I don't know what its goal can be, I'm not a heavy user so shouldn't be throttled or anything like that.
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Shocking speeds for over a week now.....

Hi there,

Have either of you tried and BT Speed Tests?

I'd be interested to see what sort of results you're getting from them.

Not just me then.

My 2meg package was great, I had a stable data rate and all was good with the world, but then, along came Maxdsl.
As to this day, I have never had an e-mail saying that I have been upgraded to it, but my router was syncing at 6500 and speed tests were fantastic, even when everything settled down, my stable rate was 4500.
A few weeks ago, I lost connection for a few hours and ever since then, http downloads are lucky to reach 60k and speed tests show that I am on 512k even though the router syncs at aprox 4800, everyone I know that is on the same exchange and with Plusnet, has had the same thing happen. The only positive reply I have had is that there is a fault, but that’s it, no, when its going to be fixed or even what the fault is.

Shocking speeds for over a week now.....

Just about to do the bt test thingy.. however, i have noticed my router details:

DownStream Connection Speed 5216 kbps
UpStream Connection Speed 448 kbps

My DS connection speed has reduced by over 1000kbps.. hmmm, whats going on here...?? Ive connected router to main bt socket, and disconnected all other devices....

Shocking speeds for over a week now.....

Test 1

3128 kilo bits per second (Kbps), your service bandwidth will have been quoted to you in kilo bits per second.

Now that is half what I should be expecting, and usually get.... will post another in an hour or so...

I also logged a ticket over 24hrs ago, which has not been responded to, despite being advised ticket response times were 11 hours, 11 hoursHuh? Used to be much lower than that...

As far as Im concerned, Ive known ive had a speed problem for over a week now, and the above just confirms this....

Shocking speeds for over a week now.....

2868 kilo bits per second (Kbps), your service bandwidth will have been quoted to you in kilo bits per second

Been waiting about 30 hrs for a response now....

Shocking speeds for over a week now.....

For the last week I have not been able to complete large downloads ... they grid toa halt before completing. So far as I know I'm still on 512 kbps ADSL as with 63 dB down-link loss I'm told (by PlusNet) that I can't benefit from any of the upgrades.

However, how wold I know whether ADSL max has been installed for example?

There must be some explanation to this behiour which is now consistent
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Shocking speeds for over a week now.....

I have been gettingrubbish download speeds (usulayy less than upload speed) after raising a ticket nearl a week ago this is what I have been asked to do

Dear Mr Chue,
There are no other settings that need to be changed on your own side.

Please can you perform 3 speedtests making use of the facilities available on our portal.

In order to ensure these comply with our suppliers requirements, each tests should be spaced at least 30 minutes apart and one should be performed during the off-peak period (midnight to 4pm).

Once you have completed these, please advise us and give a summary of the results returned.

Phil Richardson
What do they thinkI have been doing for a week?

Shocking speeds for over a week now.....

My BT Test shows a very good 486 kbps at peak times, so its not an exchange problem. My work ADSL line (separate line in the same house, different ISP) give a 56 kbps download speed, and works fine. Plus Net ADSL connection gives connection speed of 12kbps and does not complete a 5 mbyte download - it bombs out at ~ 25%

Offiicial verdict: C*R*A*P. PlusNet could do better, much better. What next?