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Sharp practices


Sharp practices

I wonder why Plusnet seem to have suddenly indulged in sharp practices?

I quote current advertising data for their BroadbandPLUS service.

Up to 8Mb speeds nationwide

Free setup available

Fixed cost payments

No fixed download limits

Why is it then that I get a complaint one month for downloading more than 11Gb during the peak period, especially as when I signed-up, there was no peak period and I've never been informed until now of its imposition.Sad

There may well be no fixed limits, but there are "unfixed" limits, and limits is limits! :x

Self imposed limits are still limits and to have to throttle back between the hours of 4pm and midnight is a pita.

What IS wrong with an over all lower speed limit? That way everyone could download at max allowable speed, all day and all night which would hopefully create some redundancy by those who didn't use the service. After all, how many of us actually achieve max possible speed anyway.

The world seems to have gone speed crazy anyway. Road Police are more interested in curbing the speed of competent motorists and missing curbing the atrocious driving habits of the incompetent.
Similarly the Internet community are hell bent on max speeds whilst forgetting about the inevitable bottlenecks which cause gross delays, in turn causing lower speed figures.

Surely the answer is not to exclusively make the highway faster, but to make it w.i.d.e.r. Cheesy