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Services Issues with Plus net


Services Issues with Plus net

Our company has just been without Broadband for nearly a week, for no apparent reason?

We just moved offices on the 2nd September, and with much cajolin gof BT I was able to get our broadband up ad running at the new offices on Friday the 9th September, which I was delighted about.

However broadband mysteriously stopped working on Wednesday 14th September?

As the broadband was down, I called Plus net ..... a few times as waiting times were up on 20 mins! And when I eventually got somone, the conversation was extremely short! I got asked a number of questions which I answered and was informed that checks would have to be carried out internally first before raising the fault with BT. In the meantime I had already tried to contact BT directly, but they refused to deal with me as they only dealt with ISP directly. I checked if Broadband was up and running in our area (which it was)..

Again after a number of phone calls to Plus Net ( shortest waiting time around 12mins), all of which are logged, the internal checks where donw yesterday the 19th!!!

Finally broadband is up and running again today, but I still do not know where the problem was? With BT?? With Plus Net??

Personally I found that technical support was not overly helpful and were more interested in getting you off the phone rather than actually solving the problem.

On any previous issues I have been happy with support from Plus Net, but not on this occasion.

Services Issues with Plus net

Hi and welcome to the forums.

I can understand your problems and this is an issue close to my heart.

On this occasion it cant be that difficult for the Support staff to ensure that the customer is fully aware of the reasons for the problem and what was done to rectify it.

The issue of the support provision for business customers is also one which has been discussed on these boards at length.

We pay a premium, over and above that of residential customers for no obvious benefit. I am aware that we were promised further improvements to the business products, to possibly include improved or even dedicated support.

I think it may be time that we had an update as to how far forward these improvements are progressing. A business customer experiencing wait times such as those noted here, is not good and the level of communication provided is clearly also below par.

If Plus Net wish to be taken seriously as a Business provider they need to improve the level of support for Business customers.

Services Issues with Plus net

I see you are in Belfast, we are based in Co. Tyrone, just outside Dungannon. It's good to know I'm not being unreasonable in expecting a higher level of service.

We are particularly vunerable as our computer system is geared only for broadband connection (no internal modems!). So when it goes down, there is no back up. Emails are missed etc....
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Services Issues with Plus net


Sorry that this one took time to resolve looking at the fault notes our remote testing showed that there may have been either a wiring or filter problem. Once this was confirmed as not being the case it looks like BT rejumpered the line at the exchange which is what fixed it.

Services Issues with Plus net

Thanks a million for the quick response and explanation, it is much appreciated.

I was frustrated and getting flack from the managment here for the length of time it took to resolve this..

It could really have been resolved at the end of last week, if what was done yesterday had have been done then.

Thanks again