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Service? what happend


Service? what happend

half a year of poor poor gaming pings and posts from admins employing new ppl to sort it out yet i come back to a FPS to find it no different??

i think iv played a lil fps about once a month for a few hours to see myself with 50/60 pings spiking to 300 / or lagging out these were the same issues i had in january this year.

and having a normal WoW ping of 250/300 ( on a low pop server ) but as its not needed that much i havnt had much of an issue.

but basically comming back to plusnet with moving and what not to find i only ever had 1 month of normal service ( the first month ) i find it frustrating to be paying ( and recomending ) this service to other people.

i could raise a ticket but it gets no were showing no speed issues in downloading so there like, well you know BT dont care coz its not slow enough.

gratz PN you were once a good ISP and the best in the UK ?

what happend? money gone to your head!

i remember my friend telling me about plusnet and him saying omg this service is amazing call waiting times of no more than 10mins and u prizing it so much. what happend to that?

all these years speed increase/ more faster faster speeds i remember getting better pings alot of years ago on ISDN.

Service? what happend

I have a similar problem with COD2, It seems even on the fastest servers my ping averages about 200-300 and every 30seconds have a major lag spike where my ping jumps to 999+.

I had alot of problems with BF2 also, which resulted in me uninstalling the game, however, other games such as America's Army appear to work fine.