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Service Status: DSLMax Upgrade Programme Update


Service Status: DSLMax Upgrade Programme Update

With regards to todays Service status announcement here does

Until we are confident that the DLM system can correct these faults automatically without any manual intervention we will be keeping the ADSL status at amber and we don't want to see other customers experiencing problems with their connections and consequently difficulties contacting the support team. Once the problems are resolved we will be resuming the upgrade programme.

mean all upgrades are suspended - including "opt-ins"?
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Service Status: DSLMax Upgrade Programme Update

Yes, all Upgrades no matter how they are being obtained are being suspended

Service Status: DSLMax Upgrade Programme Update

This is beyond a joke. Surely nothing has changed since they gave us the option of opting in. This is not a new problem that has just surfaced. Why give us the option to opt in a few weeks ago - promise that all those who opt in should be upgraded within 4 to 6 weeks and now do a reverse and say no one is until they sort it.
Im not arguing about whether PN should/shouldnt suspend all upgrades but I am questioning again the way this has been handled.
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Service Status: DSLMax Upgrade Programme Update


The number of faults we've been seeing raised has been incredibly high, as posted about 1 in 10 upgraded customers are seeing problems that need BT intervention, many others have had problems which we've been able to fix or point the customer in the right direction to fix themselves.

These volumes of faults are by and large what's causing the delays on the phones and with tickets/questions that customers are seeing.

The majority of the faults we've raised shouldn't need to have been raised in the first place because the Dynamic Line Management should have either increased the target SNR or applied interleaving.

We had a top level meeting with BT Wholesale at the end of last week to discuss this. As the ISP that's put the most Max regrades through the problem with the DLM system is having a big impact on us and in turn our customers. One of the outcomes of the meeting was that BT Wholesale need to improve the DLM and until then we can't take the risk with our customers' connections that they will see problems.
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Service Status: DSLMax Upgrade Programme Update

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the update -- realistically, what kind of time frames are we looking at here? I guess what I'm really asking is how bad is the problem with DLM? Given the length of the beta tests any software problems should have been ironed out. Obviously, it seems to be much more seriously flawed. Is this the case or do you expect a resolution in the near future. I realize you can't speak for BT and may very well be subject to a non disclosure agreement, but all the same, it would be useful if we had some idea of the time frame -- even if your best guess is when Hell freezes over. Like many +net customers I am looking forward to 8mb -- more the upload speed (I ftp a lot of client videos to my website -- not +net I hasten to add!). So a quick resolution would be great but I'd settle for an honest guess as to when you think it might happen. Jeez, being +net must be like sitting in a pile of doodoo not of you making. You have my sympathies...

Best Wishes

Service Status: DSLMax Upgrade Programme Update

in this day and age it shouldnt happen, but with the monopoly bt has im not suprised they make balls up on this scale, hmm in the uk is there a class action thing like in the states, didnt westerndigital or some other hd manufacturer lose an action re if 1000 or 1024 constitutes a mb, and how they measured their storage?? how about upto 8mb should be at least 2mb Huh

surley us saps on the regrades have lost out, i know my connection is poor atm in relation to my old 2mb , i do nothing different to what i did 4 months ago so the problems have been evident from day 1 of regrades in my experience anyway, at least there is an acknowledgement of the problem now - i always took the replies i was getting to my tickets with a pinch of salt re speed and so called problems my end
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Service Status: DSLMax Upgrade Programme Update

Dave do you think these problems are the reason my connection went from a steady 1.3mbit plus to absoloutley nothing overnight? my gear wont stay connected or synced for more than a few minutes and when i am online everything times out.

I opened a ticket and I'm sorry if it's to do with the above mentioned problems but I thought it was something else because it literally went overnight with no fluctuations or loss of sync before as a sign that it was about to happen.

I just did a house move and the line was activated on friday 23rd june and the connection was fine untill yesterday morning and since then i cant stay connected for more than a minute or so and have timeouts when i try to browse.

I've tried different modems and cables and just plugging into the master socket (behind the fascia) and still get the same results.

If I knew it was a result of the bt problems i would at least know it would eventually sort itself out.