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Seriously what have you done?

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Seriously what have you done?

03-11-2006 01:52:21 588.9
03-11-2006 01:51:37 529.3
03-11-2006 01:51:01 632.1
03-11-2006 01:50:25 891.8

and on bt speed test i get 388

whats going on here, im sick and tired of all this. I think the hassle of moving provider is probably worth it. You might as well put me on 512 dialup. im meant to be on at least 2 meg, and ye its been this sodding crap for ages now.

this explains my useless gaming connection.

and no, im not going to go through the pointless fault checker system you have, IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE.
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Re: Seriously what have you done?

and on bt speed test i get 388

This shows that you are being held back at your local exchange for whatever reason!
Nowt to do with anything PN have, or indeed could do.

I see from your post that you are not interested in doing any testing just at the moment. But the thing is, the problem must be somewhere between yourself and your local exchange!

A line fault is possible, although it could just be exchange contention - but this would probably only show at peak times.

If you want to resolve it, I think you are going to have to do a little work on the testing side of things I'm afraid.

Seriously what have you done?

whats your line stats? (sync, snr, etc)...