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Seriously Dissatisfied


Seriously Dissatisfied


I've been with plusnet for almost a year now - started out as a 'basic' broadband user, then moved up to PAYG when I required it.

For the last week, I've been getting speedtest esults of below 150 kbps - meaning an effective download speed of 16.1 kBps.

This is completely unacceptable.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such speed issues have arisen - I've had them on and off for the past 3 months.

I have raised tickets with plusnet - the most recent of which points to my contention ratio (thought it was meant t obe 50:1 contention?) - due to a large number of users being on my exchange - the response in this case is 'check back weekly' - which, again, is not good enough - as others, on the same exchange, but through different providers haven't had the grief.

Now I'm seriously considering moving to another broadband provider and 'It can take up to 7 working days for a MAC address to be issued'.

I've had to buy my own hardware for my connection since receiving the plusnet starter pack, as it simply doesn't meet my requirements.

I'd like to just pay my dues and switch - but it seems even that is now going to take a week or more to do!

I'm not saying it's been all bad - plusnet were helpful during a move of my ADSL - however, their after-sales support seems to be at an all time low - every time I've tried to get through to a person I can speak to - it's the same old: 'due to ongoing issues with the up to 8mb upgrade - we have a high volume of calls' - several times, waiting times have been in excess of an hour! Who's going to hang on the other end of a phone for an hour? Not me - and this issue with staffing (as it has to be) should have been sorted out by plusnet ages ago.

In short - not a very happy bunny at all,


Sean Johnstone

Whats up doc!!!


In short - not a very happy bunny at all,

Time to hop away then, carrotts to go please!!! :twisted:
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Seriously Dissatisfied

Me thinks there will be fireworks within the week, when Sean asks for his MAC code.
Only to be told he owes £47 for deferred activation plus another £47 for moving his ADSL. And not forgetting the cost of that “Starter pack” that does not meet his requirements.
I can see it costing him over a £100 to get his MAC code.

Just hope that I am wrong.


Seriously Dissatisfied

You're probably right chilly

Well - can only wait and see!