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Security Question


Security Question

Does anyone know how I can stop broadcasting my full plus net account name whenever I'm online?

I have recently set up a hit counter on my own website and was surprised to see that the stat counter identified not just my ip address but my full account name (which is my full I'd rather that every website I visited wasn't able to get this amount of information.

Can I somehow turn this off? I can't find anything about this in the help pages.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Security Question

I'm sure plusnet can alter the dns records to remove the reverse dns from your ip address, but it may well be automatic from a database of customers, thus making it difficult to modify on a one person basis.

However, you could ask if you could change your static address for a dynamic one - at least then there's no possibility of having a reverse dns matching your account name.

If they can't put you on a dynamic ip either, then downgrading to bb+ is an option.

Security Question

Hi there,

You can change the rdns by raising a ticket. The CSC should sort that with little difficulty.
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Security Question

I think you have a choice between or having a regitered domain name as a reverse DNS lookup. There used to be a specific answer to this somewhere in the 'support' section of the portal.