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Satisfied downgrader!


Satisfied downgrader!

I just wanted to leave a positive posting for once. It's not often people leave positive feedback!

I've been a F9 customer for a long time and therefore had a sub-standard service that I was probably paying over the odds for (charges have come down and more has been offered for newer 'deals').

Several times in the past I've tried to read through the web site, post to support or even phone sales to work out what my options were to change package and still I remained mystified as to whether I'd actually lose out in some way (e.g. maybe lose my 2 domains that I pay for) etc. etc. The service wasn't great and I didn't change.

HOWEVER, in a reply to a recent support question I posted, I've received great advice and even a phone call to help me out. I'm impressed! Cheesy

I've now actually paid £15 to get onto something that saves me £5 per month, but gives me 225MB more web space. I'm happy. Really happy about the improved service - keep it up!

Satisfied downgrader!

You have to be the guy that owns "Lucky" in the more than advert.

How much did thay pay you by the way?