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Satisfied Customer

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Satisfied Customer

As I am quick enough to moan when things go wrong, I thought it would be fair to report that everything has gone like a dream with my switch from tesconet dialup to plusnet broadband home premier.

Before ordering, people in the forum were kind enough to reassure me that what I had found on my computer was actually an ethernet connection, and about the ease of installing the router.

I signed up and was connected the day before schedule, received my router the morning after plusnet sent it, followed the instructions (blindly, I must say, since it was all Greek to me), and within three quarters of an hour from answering the door to the carrier, broadband was up and running.

I panicked slightly when just after that the whole thing went off, but a check via dialup on the service status page showed it was a plusnet problem, not anything that I had done.

Well done and thanks to all concerned.
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Registered: 08-04-2007

Satisfied Customer

It is nice to see posts like this come up every so often and I must say fair play to the people who post them. I am glad everything went well for you gpattison and hope you enjoy your new ADSL connection.

matt Wink
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Registered: 07-04-2007

Satisfied Customer

Hi there,

Thanks for the Feedback. I have passed on your comments to our Support Center,

Kind Regards,