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Satisfaction Guarantee - is this new?


Satisfaction Guarantee - is this new?

Hi all,

Take a look on PN's front page - they have a link to a Satisfaction Guaranteed page.

Looks like those of us who are fed up with the current caps and other restrictions have a way out (so long as we are less than 45 days into our contract). It also states that they will pay the move costs...

Thankfully I am just a little over a week in, and am on a monthly contract. However I am really disapointed with my new BB Premiere account. I cannot honestly see what the difference is between it and the Plus account.

Either way I am being capped on my Usenet speeds, and wonder what on earth PN are going to do once the country moves to speeds in excess of 8MB.

I mean who here actually receives large emails or downloads anything via HTTP?

What a waste of time. I shall be moving to another ISP - preferably one that charges a LOT to migrate over - that way PN can foot the bill...

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Satisfaction Guarantee - is this new?

No It's not new, and try reading the terms and conditions before you use it.