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Sad to leave, best wishes but ...................


Sad to leave, best wishes but ...................

Just like to take opportunity to say a big thanks for the service I have (mostly) enjoyed for the last 2years +.

I know there have been problems for some but compared to my previous ISP eXperience, you have generally beeen informative and tried to provide a fair service in a very fluctuating and evolving market.

Unfortunatley I haven't been able to eXperience the speeds that a lot of you guys have ( usual reasons of line quality / length) so I have decided on the basis of cost and potential of faster speeds ( at least better than 1mb ) to move to Sky.

You have provided my mac key immeadiatley without any problems and so in the neXt 2 weeks I will be gone.

So once again thank you for been a good ISP in my eXperience but do consider all the other customer's paying £21 per month for only 1mb or less. What about reducing the cost they pay for a option 1 service Cheesy
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Sad to leave, best wishes but ...................

Sorry to see you go , but I may soon be following you to Sky. I am one of those sad people who pay £21.99 per month and only get 1Mbps.
Good luck to you ,

Me too

I have "stuck" with PN for last two years,and I am £21.99 1mb download customer. Lost my ccgi site last month Sad

Final straw is usenet download speed today, it's back to dial-up days.

Moving to Telewest 2mb unlimited download £14.99

I have "shelled out" £8.99 a month to 1&1 to give me a proper web hosting service and £6.99 a month to Giganews to provide decent binary newsgroup service, but hey they give you exactly what they say.

Total cost £ 30 - ish but you get what you pay for.

Goodbye PN and thanks for the early days when you answered the phone and responded to tickets.