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SUP Suggestion


SUP Suggestion

Hi all,
I have an idea for use with the SUP, its quite simple and brief and here it is!

Let people who go over the SUP to opt in to pay extra per GB they go over the SUP (similar to the PAYG system) or to be throttled/monitored.

It sounds alot like how BT operate, but as far as I know BT don't say "If you can't pay the fees, we'll just slow your connection down"

Thoughts, comments, additions?

SUP Suggestion


This was an idea I had suggested before, but as apposed to being charged per GB after it has been used, a user is able to select an addon to their already existing package.
Ok, so this may be a little un-ethical in the sense that how would one know that they were going to go over the already permitted allowance that month.
I have two possible answers to this.
The first I do not believe is as straight forward as in the sense that (as per mentioned in another thread) it would perhaps require a complete overhaul and change of the backend system but hey here it is;

Solution 1# Once a customer opts to buy say a block of 10GB as an addon it would work in a similar way as say a mobiles texts would work. You keep the allowance on your account until it is spent. So if the user were to go over their standard allowance by 1GB per month this would last 10 months and yet only pay once for that block of 10GB.

Solution 2# Users pay extra per month for a block of say 10GB (for as long as the user requires it) the user would be able to turn on and off the request for this additional BW as we would say attaching our signatures to our posts.

The benefit of the second solution would mainly lay with PN. However PN could perhaps invest the excess revenue in improving the network to the likes of premier customers could perhaps gain some performance back, as we once did have.

My idea or thoughts here may make sense to some and not others. If you would like any further clarification, please bellow, im sure ill hear it. Smiley
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SUP Suggestion

We're getting very close to the FUP in doing this however.

I personally thought the FUP was a good idea... Making people pay for exactly what they used.

SUP Suggestion


I agree. This would then allow users who dont require much to have a good deal on their connection, and those who require more will be able to have more but at cost.
Plenty of people have already stated they wouldnt mind paying more for what they use. If this isnt the case and PN require a higher revenue to light another pipe then this would be ideal. Extra revenue from high users on top of new customers placed on the new pipe.
If I am completely open I far rather prefer the FUP over the SUP but it isnt our shout. Premier customers are suffering the same as BB+ customers whilst PAYG customers obtain that peak time performance, although PN have said that premier customers can expect this same peak time performance also.

As an after thought, would it not be possible to have a merger of the FUP and the SUP whereby if a user uses XGB peak they are throttled on certain services and only after it still being abused management is applied?