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STOP Pr***ing about with the NG's


STOP Pr***ing about with the NG's

Yet again you have deleted groups from the server!!!!

I can remember the good old days when you claimed to offer FULL & UNCENSORED NG's -- PROGRESS??

Yes I've raised a ticket to have them reinstated.

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STOP Pr***ing about with the NG's

We usually only remove newsgroups if they have not been accessed in the last 3 months.

I am looking into this further for you to see if there is any other reason for the groups being removed.

STOP Pr***ing about with the NG's

Any feedback Ben?.

On a similar issue, why do I get a lot of files reporting as incorrect size on the f9 servers but if I use yottanews they download OK, and they are held on the server much longer. Various posts f9 groups on f9 servers report files as unavailable after as little as 2 days but I can go back 7 days + on yotta.


soz; 4got 2 mention that I use Grabit