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SPAM & Redirected mail


SPAM & Redirected mail

Over the past 4-6 weeks I have noticed an exponential increase in the number of worm generated bounced redirected mail. Either from SoBig worm on some spam server out there or from devious spammers faking it as a massing mailing worm. I see that plusnet have started to label some of these as [spam].

Two things:
1. Could I ask support to increase the surveillance of the bounced/redirected mails and label more of them as spam
2. Can we also have the 'Delete spam at source' functionality soon.

I am drowning in spam mail [800 per day] and it is doing my head in!

Colm Rafferty
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Registered: 05-04-2007

SPAM & Redirected mail

Hi There,

So you currently subscribe to the Spam services package? IS it this that is missing obvious spam?

We are, as we speak, working on a brand new and extremly complicated spam solution, to replace the current basic version. This will do what you have asked for and a LOT more and should be with us early next year.



SPAM & Redirected mail

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I have subscribed to the plusnet anti-spam service.
The problem is that the bounced emails aren't obvious spam. They are from various Internet servers with the bog standard reply:
'Returned mail: delivery failed'
or some variation of the same.
They are being bounced to me to an email address:

The current plusnet spam filter is picking up a very small number of them from certain servers.

(and no, I do not have any viruses on my system. I have checked fourfold with various online virus tools from the reputable suppliers)

This new spam filter you talk about will be a godsend.

Colm Rafferty

SPAM & Redirected mail

I'm using the Plusnet spam filter on the highest setting, but still get loads of daily emails with titles like 'Hardcore XXX Babe Pictures'. Obvious spam, I would have thought, and hopefully the new spam technology will agree! :shock: