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SMTP email, MX records of non-PlusNet domains

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SMTP email, MX records of non-PlusNet domains

Hi guys

I have a few domain names in my PN account (although I'm moving them away due to the outrageous renewal charges PussNet has!!) and they are all set to deliver mail using SMTP to our static IP address at work.
On that IP address we have a mail server running SBS 2003

I also have some non-PussNet domain names hosted somewhere else, but I've modified the MX records of those so that all mail gets sent to our mail server.

Unfortunately our mail server's having big problems at the moment and is being fixed.

This doesn't affect mail sent to our PN domain names, as I guess the mails just get held in our account until they can be sent to our static IP.

But it does affect mail sent to the non-PN domain names!

When sending mail to a non-PN domain name, I get a 24 then 48 hour warning message because the outgoing SMTP server cannot send to the domain name.

This is pretty inconvenient and nothing to do with PlusNet at all.

Is it possible to have the mail from my non-PN domain names sit in my PlusNet account until it can be sent, like with our domains hosted by PN?
I don't want us to be missing out on any mail.

Any suggestions?



SMTP email, MX records of non-PlusNet domains

I think the only way to do what you suggest is to get the DNS for those domains hosted with PN... assuming your account will allow that number of domains, and your other domain registrar allows this (mine does, but some don't). You don't have to move the domain registration to PN.

Alternatively your current hosting company may do an email forwarding service that could allow you just to forward all email to one of your PN hosted domains?